Eat Play Say is an online education platform that helps parents support their little one’s development at home. Jordyn, the speech-language pathologist, feeding specialist, and owner of EPS, has taken virtual sign language classes through Communication Junction with both of her little ones now for over 2 years. Check out her family’s signing journey below!

Hi, I’m Jordyn! As a pediatric speech-language pathologist and a mom to two littles, I know the importance of engaging in activities that support baby’s communication skills. Playing on the floor with your baby and modeling all the words that we eventually want them to say is fantastic! But, there’s something that every family can be adding to their already established play routines, and it’s super easy to do it: adding SIGN LANGUAGE.

Research supports that using sign language helps little ones get to spoken language! Baby’s use of SIGNS turns into baby’s use of spoken WORDS. Sign language also helps decrease those early communication frustrations (you know, when you’re not so sure what word they are trying to say!), gives little ones ways to effectively communicate as their speech becomes clearer, and helps MOTIVATE them to communicate MORE, since they are able to be understood more often.

Enrolling your little one in sign language classes is one of the best things you can do for your little one’s language development, and the best part is that no matter where you live, with Communication Junction’s virtual sign language classes you can have access to learning sign language to help your little one!

How old should my little one be to begin classes?

It’s never too early or too late to start signing! My son Paul started at 12 months of age, and I only wish I started taking virtual sign language classes sooner, as I immediately saw the positive impact on his language skills. My daughter, Penelope, started classes at 4 months old, and signed her first word at 6 months (“milk” of course), and by a year she used a handful of signs and even said MORE spoken words.

Does my little one have to be able to sit and attend to participate in classes?

Nope! Just like an in-person class, the activities in class are interactive! We participate while sitting on the floor and playing! When the instructor starts singing, reading, or engaging in an activity (like bubbles!!), I see what she is doing and I do the same thing at home. The virtual classes are just as much for me as the parent, as they are for my littles! I learn what to do during class, and then how to repeat the activities all week long at home!

What does a class look like?

Good question! Here are some videos that showcase what a virtual class looks like and also the impacts signing has on little ones:

Is this considered screen time?

Nope! The AAP recommends not exposing little ones to passive screen time before 2 years of age. An example of that screentime is watching a pre-recorded cartoon or kid’s show on a phone, tablet, or TV. 

While these sign language classes are “virtual,” the computer screen is just the way the class is accessed. It’s the same exact scenario as going to an in-person class, just in this situation, the screen is bringing the class to you at home instead of you driving to the class! 

Just like FaceTiming Grandma isn’t screentime, this isn’t either. You’re learning 100 signs (or more) in a session, you’re talking with your instructor, you’re interacting with the other littles in the class. It’s awesome!

The proof is in the pudding- signs help littles learn spoken words. We are all itching to hear our little one’s sweet voices and are ready to listen to all they have to say, so let’s use all the tools we can to make that happen!

Check out the link below to sign up for classes! Registration for Communication Junction’s next class session can be found below! They have given my community a discount code on classes: JORDYN15 saves $15 on your first live, virtual class session. 

Come join the hundreds of other families who have signed up with me, and let’s get your baby communicating!