Sign and Play

ll Sign and Play classes are 8 weeks in length and include a My Signs Book, for home practice; a Parent Resource Guide, to reinforce weekly curriculum; and weekly e-mails, to provide supplemental information. Each class is $135 (+$5 credit card fee), with a second child cost of $25 for the entire session. All registration includes one child and two adults. Please register by clicking the REGISTER button.

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Sign to Communicate (3-36 months)

The Sign to Communicate curriculum is designed to teach children and families signs for the first 100 words that little ones begin using. American Sign Language vocabulary is taught to help your child express her wants, needs, and thoughts before she is able to communicate verbally. These classes are often taken multiple times as your child acquires communication skills.

Sign to Learn (18-36 months)

The Sign to Learn curriculum is designed for children and families interested in adding to their child’s vocabulary through signs. Many children in these classes are already talking and signs are used as a tool to introduce new concepts and vocabulary. These classes can be taken multiple times as your child’s skills grow and change.

Preschool (3.5-5.5 years)

This class is designed with the preschool learner in mind. Each weekly class will focus on theme based vocabulary for the unit, including movement, literacy and hands-on learning opportunities. The fall themes will be Shapes and ABC Signs.